Go Colts--Super Bowl Bound

The Colts won!! What an amazing game and night!! To win the game after being down 21--6 at the half showed great fortitude and poise. We are so proud of our team!! I know that this blog is focused on real estate, but community gives real estate value. That connection with other people is essential.

Last night at the RCA Dome, we thoroughly experienced that special sense of community. Indianapolis is known as a caring, warm place. That sense was heightened by the euphoria and shared exultation by fans, players, and Colts staff. Strangers were hugging and high fiveing each other. Thousands of people were snapping photos of themselves at the historic game. On the long walk back to our car, fans in their vehicles were frantically beeping their horns and waving. It was like an impromptu parade of vehicles.

At Steak and Shake, strangers greeted us as we walked in our Colts gear. The comraderie, the bonhomie continued. There is nothing quite like a shared triumph, especially when it is hard won, to unite a community.

Thank you Colts for a wonderful example of teamwork and persistence!


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