Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Real Estate Blogging

In an edition of REALTOR Magazine, writer Christina Wood delved into the world of web logs, or blogs. Some ways to make blogging successful for you:
  • Don't try to sell yourself; blogging is about educating your audience
  • As of January 2006, more than 75,000 blogs were being created daily, and a new Weblog is created about every second, according to Technorati Inc., a company that tracks blogs.
  • The 500 most highly read of those blogs receive as many as 20,000 unique hits per day; the majority receive 30 hits or fewer.
  • The key to standing out is to build strong connections, post new content frequently, network with other bloggers and feature links to other interesting sites.
  • Use RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed on your blog.
  • Use tagging. Web sites such as and allow surfers to keep a list of their favorite sites stored on an Internet page instead of in their browser.
  • Invest in a social networking product designed specifically for real estate, such as
To read her full article, "Internet Marketing: Blog World," visit

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