Deal or No Deal?

Making an offer on a house can be like playing "Deal or No Deal." You offer the seller your price, hope that they accept but you're never quite sure what they are going to counter with. Because making an offer can be a game, it pays to have a trusted Realtor assisting you. They will know what is a fair price to ask and how to word the offer correctly.

An offer isn't just about price either. There are many different contingencies that can be added. For example, we offered the full listing price but asked the seller to pay all of our closing costs, so that we wouldn't need to bring any money to closing. We also asked for the window blinds to stay with the house and the entire offer was contingent on a clean inspection report.

Talk to your realtor about what is the fairest and best way to ask for what you want. Don't get discouraged and celebrate when you finally get the "deal"!


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