That Golden Moment

Sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn't---that golden moment when a Buyer walks through the door of a home and immediately knows this is it--this is my home. Deep down in their core, they feel intuitively, "I don't need to look any further I am home."

It happened today with some clients. I could see "that look" on their faces. It is such a joy for me to know that our hunt was successful. They found the home of their dreams. I share in their excitement and am thrilled to be a part of that search.

For others, they don't have the emotional reaction to one particular home. Instead, they must make a final decision based on the pros and cons of each home and how well it matches their mental wishlist.

Here are several questions that I have found to be particularly helpful when this decision is not coming easily:
"How would I feel if this home is sold tomorrow to someone else? Would I feel regret? Would I be sad or would it not matter?" If you are stuck in trying to make this major life decision, try asking yourself these questions. Your answers may provide the insight you need. I wish you the best in your search for a new home.


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