Should I paint or carpet before putting my home on the market?

This is a question many homeowners struggle with as they plan to sell their home. I can only speak from the perspective of representing Sellers in the metro Indianapolis area. Here most Buyers would rather see a home in top condition rather than receiving a credit for paint or carpet.

In the past, more people were willing to buy a home and fix it up, redecorate, and put in some sweat equity. While the home decorating shows on TV have given us wonderful ideas and motivation, most of us want to start with a clean slate and then add our personal touches.

So, even though it would be simpler to give the Buyer the ability to choose their carpet or paint or kitchen counters, your home will sell much faster if you do the work before it goes on the market.

One word of Caution: just be sure to select finishes that are complimentary to your home and neutral, so they will suit the majority of tastes. For instance, if you have a classic Victorian home, don't select a contemporary color palette.

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    Very helpful article -- thanks so much!


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